Friday, October 8, 1999

Mr Baby Man is Going Down

As a bit of bored fun, I'm going to spend some time taking away Mr Baby Man's followers (of Digg fame). I've discovered a little bit of an exploit in Digg's follow/unfollow tools. Actually it's more of a glaring bug, one of many many bugs that Digg currently has. Digg wants to be like Twitter and Facebook, but they don't want to give the necessary resources it takes to maintain a site like that. I'm writing this blog post so that I can successfully time stamp my claim to having done this. I can only alter his follower count a little bit at a time because of Digg's limits on actions a user can do on their site. Additionally, I should point out that this doesn't actually take his followers away from him, but it does make his follower count go down. He'll have the same followers, but the amount of followers Digg says he has will go down, and probably freak him out and make him think people don't like him anymore =D.

If this thing I'm doing somehow gets a lot of attention, I'll reveal how I did it. If not, the secret dies with me =).

Here is more information on mrbabyman and why you should care.

I've decided to include a screenshot of his current follower count. When I started, he was very close to 22,000; now, he's at 20,833. It's a little slow going because of rate limits, but i'll get him down to zero quickly enough =D. Click on the photo to get the full size version.

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