Tuesday, July 20, 2010

25 Funny Tombstones

Cell Phone Tombstone

Ralph Wilson Tombstone - "It is Me"

Scrabble Tombstone - Paul G. Lind

Computer Tombstone

Assman Tombstone - Paul H., Edith D.

Butt Brothers Tombstone - Ralph R. Jr., Roger F.

Shit Happens Tombstone - Edith Tina Barlow

"Faults I May Have - Being Wrong Is not One of Them" Tombstone

World's Greatest Electrician Tombstone - Sal Giardino

Fuck You Tombstone:
Free your body and soul,
Unfold your powerful wings,
Climb up the highest mountains,
Kick your feet up in the air,
You may now live forever,
Or return to this earth,
Unless you feel good where you are.

"Two Things I Love Most, Good Horses and Beautiful Women, and When I Die I Hope They Tan this Old Hide Of Mine and Make It Into a Ladies Riding Saddle, So I Can Rest In Peace Between the Two Things I Love Most"

I Am So Happy Here....I Could Shit Tombstone - George Campbell

Dumfart Tombstone - Maria, Josef

Leopold Fucker Tombstone

Lawrence L. Cook Jr. Tombstone
Ma Loves Pa - Pa Loves Women
Ma Caught Pa, With 2 in Swimmin
Here Lies Pa...

Mel Blank Tombstone "That's All Folks" "Man of 1000 Voices, Beloved Husband and Father"

Merv Griffin Tombstone "I Will Not Be Right Back After These Messages"

Ok Suk Wang Tombstone

Parking Meter Tombstone - Barbara Sue Manire

Rex Tombstone
You were our pride and joy,
until that oriental kid
asked to wok our dog...

Robert Clay Allison Tombstone - "He Never Killed a Man that did not Need Killing"

"Here Lies the Body of Jonathan Blake Stepped On the Gas Instead of the Brake" Tombstone

"I Told You I was Sick" Tombstone - B.P. Roberts

Waldo Tombstone

Yoda Tombstone - Theodore Stanley Scarlett

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