Sunday, October 8, 2000

"Ronny James Dio: DEAD" Plus More Offbeat News

Ronny James Dio: DEAD
Tiger Woods Mistress to Take it Off for Playboy
The world's lamest war ever: Justin Bieber fans take on Twitter
When you get to prison, Mr. Would-Be Molester, be sure to tell them an eight-year old boy kicked your ass
Miss USA on a Stripper Pole: No Wonder She's for Government Financed Birth Control, Right?
Man outside woman's window: I'm about to commit a crime
Woman Sues Cell Phone Company Blaming Them For Her Husband Leaving Her Over Her Affair
Man killed by heat from cannabis farm in his home. Dude, he was SO baked
Mayoral candidate explains to police that burglars broke into his house and planted marijuana rolling papers inside
School board in New Hampshire decides that drugs and alcohol get you paid leave, but that wearing jeans is grounds for disciplining teachers
Retired man spends seven years on 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle only to discover one piece is missing
Animal rights groups, Frank Burns outraged by school contest that involves placing ferrets down trousers
Remember those teachers in Rhode Island who were fired because they were terrible? They were just rehired
Some bored guy constructs $30,000 Victorian-style dog house complete with white-picket fence, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, central air, and flat-screen plasma tvs
A man has been found guilty of harassment after he dumped a bag of 'killer slugs' in a neighbor's garden. It's a sloooow news day
'Most Interesting Man in the World' now deemed even more interesting than before
Scientists expect Eyjafjallajokull to settle down soon and return to dormancy. Just kidding, they say it will continue its eruption for the next several decades
It's a sheep. No, it's a pig. Nope, it's a sheep pig and its meat is going for $83/pound
Researchers claim being bad at relationships is good for survival.
British "safari jet" fully equipped with back porch

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