Thursday, October 8, 1998

Lincoln men cited for chasing squirrels with blow darts, bow


Neighbors in the Everett/Near South area called police Friday after they allegedly saw two men with weapons chasing squirrels.

Robert Tobin, 54, of 1210 Peach St., and Robert Zimmerman, 45, of 5015 Fawn Court, were cited for discharging weapons in the city.

The men were allegedly firing at squirrels between 12th and 13th on Peach street. But they were using old-school weaponry: a blow dart and a bow and arrow, according to the Lincoln Police Department.

They allegedly fired small plastic balls through a blow dart gun, and they used the bow and arrows to try to kill or scare off the furry creatures, according to Lincoln Police Capt. Anthony Butler.

The men were cited because children were playing in the area, Butler said.

The two men told police the bushy-tailed tree dwellers had been chewing through the brake lines on Tobin's vehicle. They were trying to get them to stop, according to police.

No animals were harmed in the attacks, according to police reports.

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