Monday, October 8, 2001

Three people, an alcoholic, a lady smoking addict and one nymphomaniac guy

...go to a clinic to find out how their addictions are affecting their health. The doctor tells them that if they indulge in their bad habits one more time, they will all die.

So they get out of the clinic looking pretty depressed, and as they are walking down the street, they pass by a bar. The alcoholic says "I don't care if I am going to die, I just need to have one more bourbon on the rocks." He goes in and orders one and as soon as he drinks it, he drops dead. The smoker and the nymphomaniac just keep walking down the street. Suddenly they see a half-smoked, still-lit cigarette lying on the sidewalk. The nymphomaniac turns to the smoker woman and says: "If you bend down to pick it up, we are both dead."

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