Friday, October 8, 1999

Police stop driver for 15 violations in 11 minutes

First offense was driving at 100 mph, Swiss police say

GOSSAU, Switzerland - Authorities say an Italian man took reckless driving to new heights in 11 frantic minutes of traffic violations in eastern Switzerland.

They say they first spotted the 47-year-old driver as he sped his jeep past an unmarked police car at 100 miles per hour in a rainstorm Sunday.

Driving dangerously close to other cars on the autobahn, he then allegedly ignored police attempts to pull him over — first with a stop sign, and then with flashing lights and sirens.

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Police say the man drove through a construction zone at 87 mph, nearly twice the speed limit, before being stopped.

They seized the man's driver's license, and a judge ordered him tested for medications and illegal drugs.

Police said Monday the man racked up 15 traffic violations in 11 minutes.

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