Friday, October 8, 1999

Cheeseburger Pumpkin Art Looks Good Enough To Eat

Everyone knows how Halloween is filled with Candy, Costumes and some of the most artistic Pumpkin Carvings ever, but this Cheeseburger Pumpkin is just ridiculous.

hamburger pumpkin art

This huge Pumpkin Hamburger seems like Halloween’s best answer for carnivores, as they receive both one of the biggest hamburgers they have ever seen and it is also an amazing and creative Pumpkin art.

It is true that it is not necessarily a Pumpkin carving, but it cannot be denied. I mean…adding the Pumpkin seeds on top to resemble sesame seeds makes it art, and the creativity makes it highly appealing.

Thanks Rob for the Image! Happy Halloween.

For more Cool and Geeky Pumpkins, check out the huge list Walyou made of 130 Halloween Pumpkin Carvings.

pumpkin carvings

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