Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Thoughts on the mind of Roger Clinton's Bride

10.Maybe now's a good time to ask Roger exactly what he does for a living.
9.Oh no, I put Stephanopoulos at the children's table.
8.I can't believe that idiot brother of his wore running shorts to the wedding.
7.How much longer can I pretend to enjoy Roger's singing?
6.It could be worse, I could be marrying an untalented loser whose brother isn't the president.
5.I have made the greatest sacrifice a KGB agent can make.
4.Hey, leave some of them little cocktail weenies for the rest of us, Mr. President.
3.A Mr. Coffee from Lloyd Bentsen...that cheap b______!
2.That was nice of Bill to give us our own little plot of land up here in--what did he call it--Whitewater?
1.At least I didn't marry into the Jackson family.

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