Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Signs You've Chosen a Bad Plastic Surgeon

10.Your nose is attached with velcro.
9.In the operating room, you notice a lot of cans of Play-doh.
8.Your new cheek implants feel suspiciously like ketchup packets.
7.Paper bags with eyeholes for sale in the reception area
6.His waiting room is crawling with Jacksons.
5.After several minutes in the sun your forehead melts.
4.At first visit, he nervously asks, "You didn't see '60 Minutes' last Sunday, did you?"
3.The last thing you hear as you go under anesthetic is, "Sweet dreams, Mr. Face-on-your-ass!"
2.You're a guy, you go in for a nose job, and you come out a 36 Triple D.
1.Your name is Cher.

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