Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Signs Your CIA Colleague May Be a Russian Spy

10.Knows hundreds of recipes for turnips
9.Took sick day to tape "Maury Povich Show" when topic was 'I married a Russian spy'
8.Drinks Russian dressing like it's soda pop
7.At annual CIA/KGB softball game, always seems to make error that loses game for CIA
6.Keeps frozen corpse of Lenin displayed on desk
5.Takes a lot of "Souvenir Photos" of classified documents
4.When Bruce Springsteen comes on the radio, he says, "Comrade boss is good, no?"
3.Always bragging about the time he nailed Mrs. Yeltsin
2.Wears one of them big ass fuzzy hats
1.Everywhere you look: Borscht!

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