Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Excuses For Filing Your Taxes Late

10.Thought late fees would make a nice deduction
9.H Block finished on time, but R Block was a little slow.
8.Finished entire Pepperidge Farm chocolate layer cake; got sleepy
7.Think about it: The longer you make the I.R.S. wait for your returns, the more excited they'll be when they finally get 'em!
6.Was busy playing ping pong with Carol Channing
5.Still waiting to hear from Ed McMahon about that million dollar thing
4.Got nasty paper cut from 1040 form, passed out for three days from blood loss
3.Math is real hard, dude.
2.I was working around-the-clock to try and keep Tom and Roseanne together.
1.My friend Leona said I didn't have to.

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