Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Things Overheard at the Academy Awards.

10.Check it out--Siskel's sitting on Ebert's lap.
9.And the winner is--Owww! paper cut!.
8.I can't believe it! That's nine Oscars for 'Sister Act II'.
7.Heads up! Jack Nicholson's got a nine iron!.
6.And now ladies and gentlemen, what you've been waiting for--that weird old coot who does the one-armed push ups!.
5.Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Ernest. Ernest, Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
4.Will that be snubbing or non-snubbing, Miss Streisand.
3.Is that another aftershock or did Marlon Brando just walk in?.
2.And the Oscar goes to Burt Reynolds for 'Cop and a Half'...just kidding Burt! Sit your silly ass down.
1.Check it out--Siskel's sitting on Ebert's lap.

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