Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Olympian Pet Peeves

10.Having to spend so much time with freakin' foreigners
9.When they run out of medals and just give you a wadded-up piece of Reynolds Wrap
8.There's just not enough coverage of the Tonya/Nancy rivalry.
7.You compete, you win the gold, but Monday morning you have to be back at work at the pizza hut.
6.When Marv Albert follows you around looking for bloopers
5.Falling a few hundredths of a second short on your wedding night
4.When you're in 37th place and some moron is still screaming "Go for the Gold!"
3.You marry one of your olympic teammates and forever after your name is "Picabo Moe".
2.Getting stopped in the middle of a bobsled run by one of those squeegee guys
1.Chapped ass

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