Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Good Things About Being Married to Michael Jackson

10.When you get a few years older, good advice on plastic surgeons.
9.White sequined glove prevents greasy fingerprints on fridge.
8.Fun to say, "Honey, could you moonwalk over to the Stop 'n' Shop for a quart of milk?"
7.After a day with the Jacksons, suddenly your Presley relatives seem normal.
6.None of those annoying demands for sex.
5.His squeaky ultrasonic voice keeps away mice.
4.As king of pop, gets a 10% dinner discount at participating Red Lobster restaurants.
3.If he comes home with lipstick on his collar, you can be pretty sure it's his own.
2.Never have to throw out leftovers with Liz dropping by.
1.Three words: Christmas with Tito!

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