Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Top Ten Things Overheard at President Clinton's High School Reunion

10.More Whitewater Punch, Mr. President?
9.President Clinton rubbed up against me. How much do you think I could sue for?
8.Howsabout lowering taxes for you old gym class buddy?
7.So I suggested to the student council: Screw bake sales! Let's just tax the bastards!
6.So, Bill, do you plan to move back to Arkansas in 1996?
5.Screw the deficit -- time to mambo!
4.Well, Mr. Bully isn't so tough now that I control nuclear weapons. Is he?
3.Anybody have any idea what the hell Reagan's doing here?
2.Hey, lard ass. How's that health care crap going?
1.Run for your lives! He's got the saxophone!

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